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Goodbye 11th grade


Now, it's official - I DID IT! I REALLY DID! *does a stupid but happy dance*
After failing the 11th grade last year this time I did it. And, as a special extra, I have no 5 in my marks (you can have one 5, with two you fail. You also fail with one 6).
I don't even know how I managed not to get a 5 but oh well... I don't care as long as it's true.

Yesterday my mother was like: I'm so glad I don't have to pay you and your brother money.
Me: What do you mean? oô
She: You know children here get money or an other present for a good report, don't you?
Me: Yes, I know.
She: But I'm sure both your reports will be disastrous.
Me: Thanks, Mum -.- But you should be glad that I'll probably pass. Actually I deserve a reward.
She: Ha ha, good joke, be thankful you'll go to Berlin. That's reward enough I think.
Me: Damn! No money for me ... :/

Tomorrow my father takes me and my brother to a pizzeria as a reward xDD
Well, I don't mind, I like pizza :D

31.7.09 23:38

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Lady Beckett (7.8.09 13:24)
Hey, congratulations! My little star really did it! Aww! *gets motherly feelings*
No, seriously. I'm so fucking glad for you.
I just feel sorry your report was in fact so lousy your mother didn't give you any money to spend. xD
If I think of something good, perhaps I'll give you some little reward for the report. I'm proud of you. Seriously.^^

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