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Song of Storms

Finally - another part of the beaux-arts became accessible to me! Okay, it's not much but nevertheless I'm quite happy about it. I write. I draw. And now I play music. But I have to admit - I hate notes. I can't use them so it's nothing special, the thing I do. I'm just totally Zelda obsessed and decided to learn my favourite song from the series - Song of Storms aka Windmill Hut. You just HAVE TO love it! It's awesome :3 The only instrument I have is the flute. Gosh, I hate the sound of that stupid thing but it's better than nothing, isn't it? So right now I'm sitting infront of the computer, with the music sheet for Windmill Hut and torture myself xD Oh, right - next thing I'll definitely do is cosplay. I'll cosplay the great grandmother of one of my various OCs. The wig has already arrived weeks ago and yesterday I just realised that my closet is full of hippie clothes. It'll be great, for sure. I guess I'll quit today's torture and go playing FFXII. It's AWESOME! ;D
7.5.10 14:51

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